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How To Apply For Food Stamps

We all heard about food stamps, but what are those and how they can help us? Let’s find that out right now by seeing what they are and how we can get them!

What are food stamps?

Simply put, food stamps are a type of allowance that is offered to the low income families with the main purpose of offering them a way to purchase food. They can be very helpful for those families that don’t have money to actually purchase food for themselves and their family, however the requirements for getting such a pass are quite strict.

Food stamp requirements

If you want to receive SNAP benefits, then each member of your home needs to have a social security number and he also needs to be a US citizen. Immigrants can’t receive SNAP benefits, but you can check with the DHS in order to see the current state of your citizenship if you are a little unsure.

Once that is done, you will need to figure out the overall worth of your assets. The SNAP application does require detailed information in regards to these resources, so make sure that you offer them such a thing, because the more you offer the better.

You will also be required to ascertain all the source of household income. Showcasing the income information for all house members is a necessary step here, so don’t surpass it, as it’s really important. The SNAP application does come with an income limit, but there are some things such as social security payments that aren’t included in the SNAP eligibility. If you want to qualify for SNAP benefits, you need to have a monthly income of around $973 for a household of 1, $1,311 for a household of 2, $1,650 for a household of 3, $1,988 for a household of 4, $2,326 for a household of 5, $2,665 for a household of 6, $3,003 for a household of 7 and $3,341 for a household of 8.

When you apply, you should also check the free SNAP screening tool, as this will also allow you to see if you are eligible to receive the SNAP benefits as well.

How to apply

First, you need to locate the SNAP office in your area or town. Then, you will need to follow all instructions that you have received from them and submit your application. You will have to schedule and then attend the interview which will allow them to determine if you really need the SNAP benefits or not.

If everything checks out, you will receive your own EBT card and this will be posted to you. They will also send a set of rules with the card, rules that you need to obey if you want to get the best results. Of course, you will also need to recertify your benefits, and the time period can vary from once a month to once a year!