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Things You Should Know About Food Stamps

There’s a lot of info out there when it comes to food stamps, but one thing is certain, no one knows everything about them. This is why we have created a list with all the most important things you need to know about SNAP and food stamps as a whole!

SNAP is not about welfare

The program is created specifically for low income earners, so it doesn’t really apply only to those that don’t have a job. As long as you are within the income requirements limit, you can apply for SNAP benefits and most likely receive it.

Not only black people do it

There’s a stereotype out there that only black people get this, and that is wrong. Most of the applicants, around 36% of them are white, and blacks comprise around 22% of the entire number.

Vulnerable households

Around 76% of the entire households that have SNAP benefits tend to include an elder person, one with disabilities or a child, basically a person that can’t create any income and which relies on others to provide it for them.

Immigrants can’t get it

SNAP benefits are only for US citizens, this is one of the major requirements for it, and that means that immigrants can’t really get this at all. They need to access an US citizenship and only then, provided that they are within the other requirements.

SNAP has a low error rate

They have an accuracy rate of around 96%, which means that the error rate is very low, especially compared to other rates such as the supplemental security income which is around 90% for example.

Half of the applicants leave the program in less than a year

USDA has stated this, and it seems that most applicants won’t be able to maintain the necessary requirements in order to receive food stamps, so they tend to leave the program in less than a single year.

There are unlawful food stamp practices

Yes, there are plenty of persons that sell food stamps in order to generate a profit, but the authorities are working very hard in order to solve this issue and apprehend the persons that want to take advantage of this system.

As you can see, SNAP is indeed offering quite a lot of benefits for the American society, but even it can’t stop the entire set of food related issues that people have to face. It’s mandatory to help others in need, because only if the society will change will we be able to solve the food problem for all people in the US and outside of it. It has to come from us though, and once that will happen, amazing results will appear for sure!