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Qualifying For Section 8 Benefits

Becoming eligible for the Section 8 housing program can be quite a demanding thing, but on the other hand it can bring in front plenty of interesting benefits, which is really impressive. But you do need to know that now any person can access this program, as there are specific criteria that have to be met in order for you to receive a housing voucher via this program.

According to HUD, you will need to pass four major criteria in order to meet the requirements and obtain the voucher. This includes the eviction history, citizenship status, family status, income level and eviction history. All of these are very important and they will bring in front precious information that will show if you are eligible for the process or not.

Family status

If a person wants to receive such a voucher, he will need to be a part of a family, and thus he will need to check with the local PHA that will determine if there is indeed a family qualification or not for the person in question. Single persons can also receive this type of voucher, but in such a case you do need to contact the local authorities as fast as possible.

Income level

The income level is a very important portion of the overall Section 8 qualification list, and the lower the income level is, the higher the chance you will get the voucher. The extremely low income has around 30% or less from the median income for that specific region, and the numbers will add up for the very low and low income, from 50% to 80% or similar values.


The citizenship status also has to be taken into account here, but at the same time you need to understand that this will usually focus on US residents, so unless you have a full US citizenship, you can’t be eligible for the program, which is understandable.


As you would expect, the Section 8 voucher will not be offered for people that were evicted from a property or which had convictions related to property damage, as that is very bad for sure, and they don’t want to cause any trouble.

In conclusion, it can be very hard to access the Section 8 benefits, but as long as you follow these qualification options and you comply with all of them, you should not be having a problem getting the outcome you want. Don’t hesitate and apply for the Section 8 vouchers right away, this will definitely help you a lot in the long run! Of course, do follow our guide for applying to these vouchers, and you will surely appreciate the great experience that comes out of it all!