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Taxes are one thing in life no American can avoid. It is very common and easy for you to misfile your taxes, or not file at all, and find yourself with a letter from the IRS saying you owe money. Tax debt is a burden many people carry, and can be a large one.

At USAFH we want you to not feel like something massive is looming over you, and want you to understand that there are programs to help forgive your IRS tax debt. Read our articles and take action today to lessen or completely forgive your tax debt!

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What Is IRS Tax Forgiveness?

If you have tax debt, then you do need to try and repay it as fast as possible, thankfully there are solutions which you can use in order to fully rem [...]

2015 tax laws

New Tax Laws in 2015

2015 has started quite easily with the overall tax changes, but in the past 6 months there have been quite a lot of tax changes to be had, and in this [...]

Tax Auditor

Finding The Right Tax Help

You can't escape with not paying your charges, however there are approaches to document your expense form without shelling out much extra money. T [...]