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5 Tips On Writing A Great Resume

Are you unemployed and want to get a new job? Then you need a good resume, because otherwise companies won’t really take you into account. This is what it all comes down to, and here are some of the best ways to create a great resume.


Before you start writing, make sure that you write down all you skills and achievements, then focus on the companies that you want to work with. Many times, you will try to create a single resume, but the reality is that creating multiple ones, suitable for specific niches, might be a lot easier and helpful. No matter what skills, awards or leadership roles you might have, even classes that you attended and might be relevant to the job, you need to focus on all of these, as that is very important.

Putting stuff together

You need to start by adding in a summary statement, and here you have to include the personal strengths as well as the career goals. Highlighting education is essential, so do try to add all the important educational points that you need, because many times these will be the one making the difference. It will help you a lot for sure, so keep that in mind all the time.

Adding in the previous experience is also a necessity, so try to make sure that you add all the previous job duties, this info is usually bulleted.
After this is written in the resume, you will have to get more personal, as after that you can add relevant courses, extracurricular activities, language skills, certifications and all the stuff that might make you stand out. Add only the relevant stuff, and don’t stress that much on details, because the better the quality, the more chances you have to get hired.


No one likes grammar or structure mistakes, so this is why you need to proofread the best way you can, as without this you will have a wide range of issues that you need to overcome. It will be hard to do such a thing at first, but try to proofread as many times as possible to get the best result.

Use online resources

With so many examples out there, it can be very easy to get the outcome you want simply by using a template or just following examples. Do try and create the resume on your own though and don’t employ others.

Focus on what makes you special

As you would expect, your main focus should be on what makes you special as an employee, what skills you have that can be considered rare and which you can lend to the company that wants to hire you. This is very important, so always try to bring in front anything significant about you. At the end of the day, this can make the difference between getting hired or not!