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I Quit My Job – Can I Collect Unemployment?

Collecting unemployment benefits can be a tricky situation for most persons because companies tend to protect them against such a situation. In order for a former employee to collect unemployment benefits, he will need to be out of work with no fault of his own. Basically, workers that lose their job during a layoff, but the same thing can happen in those situations when people were fired for reasons that are other than misconduct.

In fact, even those that quit their jobs can collect unemployment, but it all comes down to the reasons that they had in order to leave. Each state has a specific rule here, but most of the time this will be all about what is considered a good cause for leaving. With this in mind, we have created a list with this things that are basically considered suitable for collecting unemployment.

Domestic violence

If the employee will quit work for reasons that pertain to domestic violence, then he will have the opportunity to collect unemployment. It does depend on the state where he lives in, but most of the time this is something that can happen, so keep that in mind.

Caring for family members

If the employee will quit in order to take care of a family member that is seriously ill, then he will indeed be eligible for collecting unemployment. This is one case where the state laws vary quite a lot, but the main idea is that most of the time you can get the opportunity to collect unemployment if you are in such a situation.

Another job

One can also collect unemployment if he leaves a job for other employment, however the latter has to be fairly certain otherwise the unemployment collection will not be possible. If the job isn’t as expected, then the possibility of collection will increase.

Medical reasons

If the employee will quit based on a disability, injury, illness or anything similar, then he will indeed be eligible for unemployment. There are some states that will requires a said medical condition related to the job, however medical reasons can be a fairly good reason for collecting unemployment.

Constructive discharge

Many states, in fact almost all of them allow employees to collect unemployment if they have problems dealing with the workforce situations and they are forced to quit. This is one of the most widely encountered instances for collecting unemployment.

In conclusion, if you fall in any of the categories we talked above, then you can indeed go and collect unemployment. Of course, you have to see if the state allows you to do such a thing, but most of the time if you are in any of the aforementioned categories, then you have a solid chance of being able to collect unemployment.