At USAFH, we will walk you through all of the steps to claiming Unemployment Benefits (to fast forward, skip to Step 1 on the right -- mobile scroll down). We make the progress as easy and as fast as possible, so that you can begin collecting benefits ASAP. Becoming a USAFH member means more than just learning how to quickly get unemployment - with membership you get a personal assistant to help answer questions and get you benefits quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do I Get My Checks?

When you are able to collect depends on what state you file for unemployment in. Once you create your account at USAFH by filling out the forms on this page, we give you specific information on exactly how much you're eligible to collect, and how long it will take.

What is USAFH? is a service that helps you apply for unemployment benefits. Once you enter your USAFH application information, we will guide you to the fastest way to sign up for unemployment benefits. Start now by filling out the forms on the right.

I Work Part-Time

In some cases, you may actually qualify for partial benefits if you are working part-time. If your hours were cut to part-time due to reasons outside of your control (like your boss cutting your hours due to company issues), you may in fact qualify. If you reduce your hours for personal/family reasons, there's a good chance you will not be eligible.

Do I Pay Taxes?

Income from unemployment is considered taxable income, so you must pay taxes on that income.

My Unemployment Ran Out

First, contact your local unemployment office and make sure there are no extensions or extended benefits you qualify for. If you are collecting unemployment for the first time, you can typically file for an extension to get a few extra weeks of compensation. If there are no more unemployment benefits available, research other benefits you may be able to collect such as Food Stamps or Section 8 Housing benefits. You paid into these programs with every paycheck you earned, and are entitled to use them when absolutely necessary.

Step 1: Application Details

Activate Your Account

The steps to collecting unemployment are fast and easy. All you need to do is activate your account on this page by entering your personal information and payment information.

Step 2: Build Profile

Enter your contact information. All of your information is secured over https protocol and is not released with any outside parties. For your safety, this page may reset in 3 minutes and you will lose all of your data.

Step 3: Activate Account

The final step is verifying your identity and activating your account with a valid credit or debit card. We only charge $1 as a final verification of payment information. This minor fee is to process your information and can be refunded.

Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex Accepted